Hello World

Hello, world.

I made a blog. I’m not entirely sure how it’ll work. Maybe I’ll stick with it in the long run; maybe I’ll forget about it next week. As with most projects I pursue, I can’t be sure right away; it’s only after I had time to experiment that I understand if I have interest in this or not.

I contemplated doing something like this for a while now. The idea of having my own little corner on the Internet where I can blubber about the various things I do, or try, or experience, is appealing. I am, after all, the type that constantly seeks something new to do – perhaps some of these ‘new’ things will be worthy of being written about?

I already have some obvious topics that may be of interest. For example, my work on Project Crescent – a TTT/GMod community I started in hope of shaping the game according to my vision. There’s a lot to talk about here from the perspective of a small indie developer facing the challenges of multiplayer game design for the first time. This alone is surely enough to tickle the interest of some audiences.

Then there are my writings, which I’m honestly proud of. People often tell me that I have my way with words - and indeed, I do enjoy writing. I used to write a lot of small pieces in the YouTube comments of music videos, especially those by Two Steps From Hell. They actually became surprisingly popular and I received a lot of positive feedback for them, which encouraged me to continue doing this. I think this blog will be a chance for me to revive this hobby and write more, given how I neglected it for a years now.

And, well, there are always the random ideas or thoughts that come to mind. I often find myself with some things to say – perhaps now is the time to actually do so. These small bits of inspiration come and go at random, but I’m sure I’ll have a few interesting ones to share.

Though this brings the question: share with who?

Honestly, I don’t know if anyone will read this – especially regularly. Just another random blog on the interest full of ramblings by some random person. But hey, who knows? Maybe someone out there will find it interesting. Hell, having just a dozen or two readers would be amazing. I don’t seek much here, for once. Even if no one ever reads this, that’s alright; I think the real emphasis here (for me at least) should be actually sticking with this project in the long and not abandoning it three weeks in. 😅

Regardless, if you’re here – thank you for visiting. I hope you’ll find some value in what I have to share. Since this is a static website, there are no comments or fancy community features (and honestly, these usually end up as nothing more but a nightmare of spam bots). However, in case you ever wish to contact me, you’re invited to send me a message on Twitter or e-mail me; both can be found at the bottom of the page. I’d love to hear what you have to say.

That’s about it, I guess.