Paladins Review: Casual Can Be Fun Too

Paladins is, overall, an enjoyable and well-produced title… as long as you stay away from anything competitive. As someone who traditionally avoids ranked and other competitive game modes that suck out the fun from the game, Paladins surprised me for the better in how entertaining it can be for a casual player. Nothing Groundbreaking is Okay The gameplay of Paladins isn’t anything groundbreaking, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing.

GRIS Review: The whole is greater than the sum of its parts

There are some games that feel like more than just the sum of their parts. When every piece of the experience fits so perfectly well with the others, the result is more than just a combination of different parts: it becomes an entity of its own, a seamless package, a new whole of its own. No longer it is just the value of each fragment on its own; it becomes greater than itself.

Bioshock Review

Bioshock is a game that received lots and lots of praise over the years, yet I couldn’t find any of these great things when I played. It’s a boring, predictable, and painfully tedious game that doesn’t hold up at all. Shallow, generic plot, uninspired characters, and one of the worst combat systems I have tried; Bioshock falls flat in almost every aspect, to the point where I couldn’t even force myself to finish it.

Borderlands 3 Review

Borderlands 3 is a dumbed-down, unchallenging and shallow entry to a series earned its name for being exactly the opposite. It feels like all the things previous games did right were scrapped in favor of questionable choices and poor gameplay design. The unique gameplay, combat and rewards that made the first two entries so wonderful are gone, and all we’re left with is a yawn-inducting stroll on the beach where you can’t not-stomp everything even if you try.

Quarantine Thoughts

What strange times we live in. Who would’ve thought, merely a few months ago, that we will spend many months in 2020 locked in our homes, taking shelter from a deadly plague that threw the entire world into a turbulene. And we thought 2016 was bad…